God has created so many different people groups, so many ethnicities that make up the tapestry of the world’s population. To this reality, God has called us to be his ambassadors and to make disciples of all nations and people groups. God’s heart and direction also leads us to the poor. With so much hurt, pain, loss and poverty all around the world, we can respond to these opportunities desperately crying for God’s compassion and love. Let’s follow God’s initiative for the nations bring them the hope of the story of Jesus.
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Grace Church with Encompass World Partners involvement in the Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic is extensive. It involves serving others through providing education, orphan care, ministry, adult discipleship and church planting.

Ministry schools such as the James Gribble Leadership Training Center work to equip men through university and masters level education to become emerging leaders in the Central African Region. The men and their wives are discipled and trained to become pastors of the Grace Brethren churches.

Orphan and widow care is another ministry in which Grace is involved. This is through Project Hope and Charity and Hand in Hand Orphan Schools. The children are fed as well as educated through many different schools that are located throughout the country.

Grace has partnered with CPR-3, a faith based organization with a passion to “Breathe Life and Hope into the World” in the midst of areas of extreme poverty. Grace is dedicated to the village of Bercy, near the town of Cabaret, 20 miles north of the capital of Port-Au-Prince. The goal of our partnership has been to plant and grow a church in Bercy in partnership with Chelo who is serving as our Haitian Pastor. Together with the Haitian Church and CPR-3, our desire to come alongside of the Haitian people to develop long term sustainable solutions such as the micro-enterprise training, medical clinics, providing clean water, offering assistance for education and feeding children. Our GO Teams focus on building relationships with families who attend Chelo’s church and families in the village. They do medical clinics, kids club activities, ESL classes, working with single mothers, discipleship and more.

Roger and Kathy currently serve with American Indian Missions Inc. to reach and teach American Indian tribes in the southwestern United States for Christ. The Scarbro’s work primarily with the Zuni tribe, which was the first tribe in the present USA to encounter Europeans. Many have a deep heritage of animistic beliefs, worshiping nature and their ancestors. Upon the 11,000 Zuni people, fewer than 100 consider themselves followers of Christ. Roger and Kathy have started a mentoring-discipleship ministry with the Zuni youth. Our GO Teams assist with Student Ministry and construction projects in the summer.

Grace Church has partnered with Ryan and Emily Flunker, missionaries with North Texas Missions, on the island of Eleuthera to serve the Bahamian Church. Ryan and Emily served in various capacities at Windermere High School.

Ryan has currently transitioned into an administrative role as the Director of Missionary Pastoral Care and Training. Primarily they are a resource for caring for the spiritual health, and the emotional and functional viability and success of North Texas Missions missionaries.

Grace Church has partnered with Micah and Courtney, missionaries with TEAM, in the city of Manila serving with Faith Academy. Micah serves with the Child Safety and Protection Network at Faith, essentially investigating abuse and neglect cases. Courtney works as a lay-counselor in the counseling department. She meets with mostly high school girls to work through their troubles and hurts.

Grace Church has partnered with Tim and Laura, missionaries, in the Caucasus Region.  Their purpose is to prepare this world for the return of the King. Jesus is coming back once everyone has heard his wonderful news! We are called to plant churches where there are no churches in hopes to hasten His return. They are currently working in Caucasus Region reaching out to unreached people groups and discipling them to reach out to their neighbors. “We are developing teams of teams for this region is home to seventy-seven unreached people groups and we can’t do it alone.They have two children and are reaching out as a family in the community that we are living in. We are reaching out to the community through media, business, teaching English, arts, and other avenues. Come join us for there is plenty of work for everyone and we can use your creative approach into the hearts of God’s future children!”

We also send short-term Teams to locations like Atlanta and Virginia Beach. Our teams do everything from learning about how to relate to people of other religions, building relationships, running Vacation Bible Schools and helping church plants connect to their community.