We can’t know God without knowing the Bible. At Grace, we’ve developed Emmaus Ministry Training to help you do just that. As Jesus and his disciples were walking the road to Emmaus, “beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27). We want to open the Bible to you as Jesus did for the disciples.

Emmaus Ministry Training (EMT) will be an invaluable resource to you, whether you wish to learn more about leading your family, a small group or even preparing to lead your own church. We’ll take you as deep as you want to go! Take classes for credit or audit them if you like. EMT has developed a curriculum that focuses on training Christ-followers to serve through ministry teams at Grace Church.  The curriculm is composed of courses divided into five areas of focus: Biblical Studies (BS), Theological Studies (TS), Leadership Training (LT), Missions and Evangelism Studies (MES) and Practical Studies (PS).  Emmaus Ministry Training is designed with foundational and elective courses.  These courses are designed to systematically develop disciples and disciple makers, who serve both inside and outside the church.

Foundational Courses

BS-101: Overview of the Old Testament.

BS-101: Overview of the New Testament.

BS-103: How to Study the Bible

TS-101: Christian Beliefs I

TS-102: Christian Beliefs II

LT-101: Biblical Leadership

LT-102: Teaching Essentials

MES-101: Bible, Missions, Me

MES-102: Essentials of Disciplemaking

PS-101: Christian Money Management

Elective Courses

BS-201: Old Testament Elective

BS-202: New Testament Elective

BS-203: How to Study the Bible II

TS-201: Understanding and Defending the Faith

TS-202: Roman Catholicism: Agreements and Differences

LT-201: Department Specific Leadership Training

MES-201: History of Christianity

MES-202: Current Book Studies

MES-203: Understanding Poverty

MES-204: World Religions

PS-201: Men’s Ministry Elective

PS-202: Women’s Ministry Elective

PS-203: Marriage Matters

PS-204: Parenting God’s Way

PS-205: Transforming: Becoming a True Disciple

PS-207: Baptism Class